SAHRC agrees to look into complaint against EFF – DA Youth

Luyolo Mphithi says Malema's attack on Indians and Coloureds has no place in a democratic society

Human Rights Commission agrees to look into DA’s complaint against EFF leadership’s racist remarks

19 June 2018

Two weeks ago, the DA submitted a complaint to the South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) against members of the EFF’s leadership for their racist remarks.

At the EFF’s Youth Day rally, Julius Malema, stated that “[the] majority of Indians are racist, and we must never be scared to say that. They are racist [...] The same thing applies to so some of the coloured brothers”.

These remarks come after the EFF’s Deputy President objected to the presence of Treasury Deputy Director-General, Ismail Momoniat, during a meeting of Parliament's Portfolio Committee on Finance, stating that “[Momoniat] undermines Africans" and that“[h]e does not take the Director-General, the Finance Minister or the Deputy Finance Minister seriously. He thinks he is superior to them. He takes all the decisions and he is always here in Parliament as if he is National Treasury alone. He is supposed to focus on what he is assigned to."

Earlier this year Malema also stated that "[w]e are going to remove a mayor of PE […] [w]e are going for your white man in PE. We are going to cut the throat” in reference to Nelson Mandela Bay (NMB) Mayor, Athol Trollip.

The DA strongly condemns these remarks and we are of the view that these utterances by Malema and Shivambu are prejudiced, divisive and have no place in a democratic society.

The SAHRC has today confirmed that they will be looking into the DA’s complaint against the EFF’s leadership, in order to determine if it “falls within the mandate of the SAHRC” or“whether it should be dealt with by another organisation, institution, statutory body or institution created by the Constitution or any applicable legislation”.

No South African should ever have to face the humiliation of such an assault on their dignity and it is now becoming evident that the EFF is not ready to govern a diverse society, such as South Africa.

Political parties have to set an example for the public and the EFF is not only intolerable but also incredibly divisive.

The DA is the only political party who is inclusive and is dedicated to building One South Africa For All.

The DA trusts that the SAHRC will assess our complaint with the necessary seriousness and recommend necessary remedial action to hold the EFF’s leadership to account.

Issued by Luyolo Mphithi, DA Youth Federal Leader, 19 June 2018