SASCO attacks EFF public meeting at TUT - EFF

Fighters say police and campus security stood by as ANC hooligans hurled bricks and stones at people


26 August 2015

The Economic Freedom Fighters condemns the ANC sponsored political intolerance and violence of SASCO at Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) Main campus in Pretoria this afternoon. Members of the South African Student Congress  (SASCO) of the ANC attacked an EFF public meeting with students using stones as police stood by and did nothing. The buffoons and hooligan stone-throwers of SASCO put the lives of students and journalists at jeopardy who had come in numbers to listen to the CIC Julius Malema ahead of the SRC elections.

The EFF will never tolerate political intolerance anywhere, particularly expressed through violence intended to suppress our right to freedom of assembly. The situation at TUT is that both the police and campus security stood by in absolute complicity with hooligans of SASCO as they hurled bricks and stones at people. EFF will defend its rights to freedom of assembly and do so with everything it has, let alone when the police stand by and do nothing.

The ANC has taken an oath that it must unleash hooliganism and violence at the EFF everywhere we go; in campuses, communities like in Rusternburg, as well as inside parliament. We shall never accept to organise under any shadow of the threat of violence by those who are afraid of our superior ideas. The cowardice of resorting to violence when they lose political support is only a demonstration of the end of days for the ruling party. They must be rest assured that EFF members anywhere will never surrender their right to freedom of assembly without a fight. 

We therefore congratulate the CIC Julius Malema for giving an order to fighters to protect their own meeting from hooligans whose violence had put students and journalists who came to listen at risks.

Statement issued by the Economic Freedom Fighters, August 26 2015