Sex education: Parents and experts must be involved – FF Plus

Party does not support the inclusion of such content in the life orientation curriculum for schools

Sex education in schools: Parents and experts must be involved in decision making concerning curriculum 

15 May 2019

Parents and other stakeholders in education must be involved in the processes of curriculum formation in South Africa. It means that they should gather reliable information rather than react to sensational media reports.

This past week, there was a lot of unhappiness about a media report that stated that the new curriculum for life orientation will teach grade four learners about masturbation. In response to the outrage, the Department of Education said that the report was untrue and then questioned the journalist's motives.

The FF Plus still does not support the inclusion of such content in the life orientation curriculum for schools.

The party follows a Christian approach to life and the world and sex is seen as a God-given gift to be enjoyed inside of marriage.

The subject life orientation, however, is based on an entirely different premise. The presentation of the subject depends on the relevant teacher and the FF Plus wants to encourage all educators to maintain professional conduct and use good judgement when dealing with the learning content.

Proposed changes to the curriculum are first published before they are finalised and implemented. The FF Plus will keep a close eye on the matter and strongly recommends that churches, parents and other relevant institutions do the same. By doing so, timely and appropriate action can be taken.

Ultimately, the FF Plus considers this storm in a teacup as proof of the fact that each cultural group should be given control over its children's education.

Issued by Wynand Boshoff, FF Plus spokesperson: Education, 15 May 2019