Uncollected medical waste in hospitals because of unpaid supplier – Jack Bloom

DA MPL says dept needs an astounding R5bn to pay off all its debts and keep essential health services going

Uncollected medical waste in Gauteng hospitals because of unpaid supplier

25 January 2018

Hazardous medical waste is building up to dangerous levels in Gauteng state hospitals because a supplier has not been paid.

I am aware of a number of hospitals where medical waste has not been collected since December last year.

These include Kalafong, George Mukhari, Leratong and Yusuf Dadoo hospitals and others affected by the stoppage of service by Compass Medical Waste.

This is in contravention of Gauteng provincial regulations that medical waste may not be stored onsite at hospitals for longer than 30 days, with the exception of sharps (needles and scalpels) and expired medicines which can be stored for 90 days.

It is yet another example of the Gauteng Health Department’s budget crisis that is worsening patient care because unpaid suppliers are stopping deliveries and services.

The lack of budget has also led to community service nurses not being placed and the first year nursing course for 700 students has been delayed until the new financial year in April.

The Department needs an astounding R5 billion to pay off all its debts and keep essential health services going.

The health intervention team announced last year by Premier David Makhura needs to produce quick results as the situation is deteriorating rapidly in many areas.

Issued by Jack BloomDA Gauteng Shadow Health MEC, 25 January 2018