We stand behind Mashaba’s commitment to bring change to Alex – DA

Solly Malatsi says ANC has deserted what was left of its democratic values

DA stands behind Mayor Mashaba’s commitment to bring change to Alex

15 April 2019

The images of deliberate disruption emanating from this evening’s Alexandra community meeting with City of Johannesburg Mayor, Herman Mashaba, were premeditated by the ANC.

Mayor Mashaba went to Alexandra to address the concerns of the community but was prevented from doing so when the meeting was hijacked by several rogue elements in the hall – no doubt sponsored by the failing ANC.

What was meant to be a genuine interaction about concrete plans and budgets between the Mayor and the community, was hijacked and the meeting soon disintegrated into chaos and disorder.

The ANC has denied the people of Alex a real opportunity to hear Mayor Mashaba’s plans to speed up service delivery and development.

The ANC has truly deserted what was left of its democratic values and replaced it with violent, anarchic and chaotic tendencies.

Due to the ANC’s interference, it was obvious that the intention was never for Mashaba to engage with the residents. They do not care about the grievances of the people of Alexandra, they only care about the narrow electoral prospects.

Despite the ANC attempts to disrupt the meeting, Mayor Mashaba and the DA-led coalition will continue to put the residents of Alex first. The plans to bring about real change to the people of Alex and Johannesburg will not be derailed by the ANC in a desperate attempt to hang on to their dwindling support.

Issued by Solly Malatsi, DA National Spokesperson, 15 April 2019