We're assisting Dr Motodi Maserumule - AfriForum

High court order obtained compelling SAPS to act against illegal invaders on farmer's land outside Pretoria

AfriForum application succeeds; urgent order obtained

AfriForum obtained an urgent application in the Northern Gauteng High Court that compels the SAPS to assist the sheriff in acting against illegal squatters on a farmer’s land outside Pretoria.

“AfriForum assists the farmer, Dr Motodi Maserumule, after trespassers have started occupying and selling his land on Monday. With AfriForum’s help, he filed a complaint of trespassing after the Soshanguve police station initially refused to investigate the case. Until now, the police are conspicuous in their absence to protect Maserumule’s property,” says Ian Cameron, AfriForum’s Head of Community Safety.

Cameron also explains that land owners should open cases of trespassing immediately at the police when their land is being occupied. He says it is a myth that land owners must first approach the courts.

“The police must act against trespassers. The poor reaction of the Soshanguve police can only be prevented if communities know what their rights are. AfriForum can help in this regard,” Cameron concludes.

Statement issued by Ian Cameron, Head: Community Safety, AfriForum, 31 August 2018