Xenophobic attacks in some parts of Soweto condemned – COSATU

Federation says perpetrators need to be charged with attempted murder

COSATU condemns the xenophobic attacks in some parts of Soweto

30 August 2018

COSATU strongly condemn the xenophobic attacks on foreign nationals in some areas of Soweto. We call on law enforcement to arrest the perpetrators and also investigate the allegations that many of these shops are selling fake and expired foods. The perpetrators need to be charged with attempted murder for poisoning community members if these allegations are true.

For a long time there have been allegations that some of the big retailers in the country have been dumping their expired foods to these foreign owned shops but there has not been an appetite or political will from those in power to investigate the allegations. COSATU calls for a comprehensive investigation that will get to the bottom of this issue and the bigger retailers also need to be held accountable and prosecuted if necessary.

The federation remains unwavering in its insistence that we need to respect and preserve life irrespective of nationality. We also need to accept that natural migration exists all over the world and is a permanent feature on the continent too. Since South Africa is also part of a global village, we all need to be tolerant towards the movement of labour and capital. This though should be done within the ambit of the law and tighter regulations to protect the interests of ordinary South Africans.

We call on government to take necessary measures to ensure the safety and protection of all migrants in South Africa in respect of the provisions in the Constitution. We also appeal to political parties, trade unions and civil society organisations to actively discourage their members from participating in such barbaric attacks. We all need to do more to educate all members on the values of peace, integration and solidarity. We should also encourage members to participate in re-integrative initiatives being carried out by civil society organisations, religious groups and others in communities.

Issued by Sizwe Pamla, National Spokesperson, COSATU, 30 August 2018