Xolile Nqatha's plea disgusting - EFF

ECape MEC said holding individuals to account jeopardises their immune system


Thursday, 16 July 2020

The Economic Freedom Fighters is appalled and disgusted by the plea by Co-operative Governance a. Traditional Affairs (COGTA) MEC in the Eastern Cape, Xolile Nqatha that individuals implicated in corruption should not be held accountable. Nqatha argues ridiculously that to hold corrupt individuals accountable during the COVID-19 health pandemic is to jeopardise their immune systems through added stress and that it is "uncomradely”.

This is a shameful utterance by a public representative who is meant to encourage good governance at the local government level. When Nqatha declares that it is anti-ANC to investigate corruption during a health pandemic, a health pandemic in which ANC officials are engaged in large-scale looting, he confirms the fact that corruption in the ruling party is an institutionalised tradition. The MEG knows very well that his colleagues in the Eastern Cape are involved in despicable corrupt activities under his watch, with municipalities dispensing R4.8 million for door-to-door campaigns, R10 million dispensed for scooters without a purpose and corruption involving PPE's. For him to advocate for the consideration of the immune systems of t. corrupt, who jeopardise the health efforts to fight COVID-19 is pathetic and must be rejected with the contempt it deserves.

The. utterances of the MEC come no sooner than Jamnandas briefed the portfolio committee that not all corruption is criminal. The ruling party has never censured Jamnandas for such reckless remarks, and it will be unheard of to expect the same of the MEC. The solution lies in the hands of the voters to remove this kleptocratic junta.

There is no Ubuntu to be practised with people who steal food parcels. loot money that should provide relief to people and take advantage of a health crisis to enrich themselves. There is no comradeship in corruption. The ruling party and its public representatives must not make their commitment to corruption and the protection of the corrupt the nation's problem. Criminal investigations must be pursued against all those who are found to be corrupt, whether they be in quarantine or test positive for COVID-19.

Furthermore, Nqatha is clearly misplaced as an MEC who must ensure clean governance and accountability at the level of local government and his utterances confirm that. His logic reveals that the corruption that is crippling the Eastern Cape is endorsed and encouraged at the highest levels of governance. He must relieve himself of his duties as a public representative so he can show solidarity with the corrupt in his capacity.

Statement issued by the EFF, 16 July 2020