Zille & De Lille should resign over water crisis - ANC WCape

Khaya Magaxa says the two were warned of the looming problem and did nothing

Zille and De Lille must go over water crisis

The Western Cape ANC says bad, lax and lame duck DA leaders must resign - those that are responsible for the failure to timeously react to resolve the present water shortages. Western Cape premier Helen Zille and Cape Town mayor Patricia de Lille contradict each other and lied to residents.

Both Zille and De Lille were warned long ago that there is a looming problem with unsustainable water supply from present sources in the province. They opted to reject these warnings with plans to tap into other sources in time to prevent a disaster.

Now, the most severe restrictions and water shedding are administered (only cutting of supply without warning is experienced) - as punitive measures against poor and ordinary working class families while the drought disaster intensifies. This happens, while certain residents continue in their old ways. Furthermore the citizens are not informed about load shedding. It is dishonest and feeds the perception that the DA is doing so inequitably.

These two and their teams talk a lot, but they are not really interested to deal with the matter without properly communicating with citizens. Up to now no serious plans are working to deal with reusable water flowing into the sea and which is not mustered to the benefit of the region’s residents.

ANC leader of the opposition in the Western Cape legislature Khaya Magaxa says: “The point of no return has been reached. It is time for action and people need to come together to find and implement real solutions. There are just two short term options left: To (a) reclaim and reuse / recycle partially treated water as well as the harnessing of (b) alternative sources including runoff storm water, underground channels, springs, the bigger aquifer and desalination.

“The whole of the Western Cape water system is under threat. We can no longer just rely on rain / snow as main source for domestic water. The main question is: Can the DA in government – in the interest of all in the province – deliver sufficient water? Or are they gambling with the lives of people?

“The empty DA promises missed the deadline of July to have land desalination in place or a special ship here as the tender process is not completed. It must be put into action immediately. The promised borehole drilling on public land is also not on track. It is clear the DA does not want to grasp the real urgency. Zille, between overseas visits, promised in May and August that the Cape will not run out of water, yet it is clear Day Zero without water comes closer – a catastrophe is coming real fast!

“A disaster was declared to make sure processes can be shortened to deal with the matter expeditiously. The DA governments at provincial and local level cannot get their acts together. If there is no improvement soon, the ANC will call for an urgent constitutional intervention to put the Western Cape under administration as the DA cannot deliver on its promises.”

Statement issued by ANC Leader of the Opposition in the Western Cape legislature Khaya Magaxa, 19 October 2017