Zille once again shows her true colours as a colonial apologist – ANC

Party says nothing short of recalling the Premier will send a message that the DA supports a democratic country

Zille once again shows her true colours as a colonial apologist

16 March 2017

The African National Congress is appalled, although not surprised, at the latest social media pro colonialism rant by a leader of the Democratic Alliance and premier of the Western Cape Hellen Zille. The remarks Zille made on social media in defense of colonialism are nothing short of the type of posture you would expect from a colonial apologist.

It is deeply saddening and troubling that we still have in our midst leaders who on the one side swear by the very Constitution of the Republic of South Africa yet on the other still harbor such deep seated views that venerate in whatever degree the unjust system of exploitation, subjugation and oppression as colonialism was and continues to be.

The condescending view by Zille in a year in which we mark the 20th Anniversary of the Constitution and during a month in which we observe Human Rights exposes her disregard for universal human rights, undermines efforts at social cohesion and are a threat to the strides that have been made in the last two decades to foster a society founded on human dignity, the achievement of equality and the advancement of human rights and freedoms.

If the DA is truly committed to building a non-racial, non-sexist and equal society and it if is honest about acknowledging colonialism and apartheid systems for what they are, a crime against humanity, then nothing short of recalling Hellen Zille will send a more stronger message that there is no place in democratic South Africa for leaders that are apologists for such cruel and unjust systems whose long-term effect continue to hold our people back to this day.

Issued by Zizi Koda, National Spokesperson, ANC, 16 March 2017