Zille's attack on Carien du Plessis shocking - ANCYL

League says DA leader has abused City Press journalist in a completely unacceptable manner

ANCYL shocked by DA's racist attack on well-known journalist

The ANCYL is shocked by the racist attack on well-known journalist Carien Du Plessis for various articles she has written. We cannot imagine how a Premier, a mother and politically ambitious South African could have the indecency to vilify and insult two journalists by name publicly on twitter. She has shown in absolute terms her rejection of independent media and their right to cover news fearlessly. Her tweet stating "She (Carien) is so terrified that she will be damned by her own complexion that she has to bend over to prove her political correctness." This tirade shows us that if you write anything critical of her party, or her, she will stoop so low as to accuse of being a "self hating white".

This kind of apartheid styled racism of special kind, aims to vilify whites that stand against racism and who embrace black people. The DA has abused Ms. Carien Du Plessis, attacking her race, identity, trade and credibility in absolutely an unacceptable manner. South Africa has fought hard to abandon apartheid skeletons and to move our country forward to a place where both whites and blacks are freed from racism. 

The Premier made a second attack aimed at a young journalist, Ms. Shanti Aboobaker who dared to write about the DA being funded by business men who earn their money through oppressing the people of Palestine, further more this bold young journalist dared to write leaked information about Helen Zille's intention of resigning from DA leadership in 2015.

These open secrets of the DA, cosy relationship with oppressors of Palestine and the DA leaders imminent resignation from the DA appear to be very sensitive. It seems that the DA is drowning and as it drowns this DA boss will scream profanities; this blatant defamation is behavior one would expect from an immature child.

Despite numerous requests, made by many twitter users, for her to retract her insults she stands by her character defamation.

Over the past few years the ANCYL has become very aware of the premier's late night phone calls to numerous journalists, shouting, insulting, complaining and intentionally applying unreasonable pressure on them to write positively about her DA. We must not allow such racism, manipulation and intimidation of the media. 

We call upon media outlets and journalists to show their independence by reporting fearlessly on this shocking character defamation and racism. Hands of Carien, hands of Shanti! Hands off!

Statement issued by Dr. Bandile Masuku, ANCYL National Spokesperson, and Bram Hanekom, ANCYL NTT, February 25 2014

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