Zuma appears to have misled parliament over Nkandla - Lindiwe Mazibuko

DA PL says full scale investigation needed in light of M&G revelations

Parliament must pass resolution against President Zuma

I have today written to the Speaker of the National Assembly, Max Sisulu, to request that an urgent resolution be placed on the agenda, at the first available opportunity, which would establish a full-scale investigation into whether President Jacob Zuma misled Parliament (see M&G report).

I will also request that all documentation, including the Public Works Task Team Report into President Jacob Zuma's private residence be submitted to the National Assembly without delay to form the basis of this investigation.

This follows reports in the media today that President Zuma gave personal instructions into the R206 million upgrade of his private residence in Nkandla, and that he was aware of details of the upgrade.

According to these reports:


  • A letter was received from the police divisional commissioner for supply chain management stated that "by instruction of...President Zuma, the existing house at Nkandla, currently accommodate SAPS member must be converted as part of the president's household."
  • In one memo, the public works project manager, Jean Rindel, states: "Minister Doidge and [deputy director general Rachaad] Samuels...instructed this office to continue with immediate effect, as he was given a deadline by the principal to have the site operational by December 1, 2010."
  • A June 3, 2011, memo states: "the project must be completed by October, 30, 2011 as per instruction from the principal. A negotiated procurement process would be faster."
  • A January 10, 2010 memo states: "a meeting was held with deputy minister Bogopane-Zulu...on December 21, 2010 in which she confirmed that the principal indicated that he does not want other contractors on site in phase 2."
  • Minutes on November 30, 2010 memo state: "Bogopane-Zulu said she had a discussion with the principal on the relocation (of families). [She] mentioned she will conclude with the principal on the close off (fencing) of the relocation and report at the next meeting."
  • A high level document dated March 18, 2011 relating to the allocation of costs between the state and the president noted: "It may be necessary for these issues to be discussed with the principal as the financial implication directly affects him."


This evidence shows that President Zuma omitted important information when questioned in Parliament regarding this upgrade. Furthermore, it makes it clear that he was both consulted and gave clear instructions on the project. These reports show that he was not merely a bystander as he claimed in his reply to my parliamentary questions on 15 November 2012:

"My residence in Nkandla has been paid for by the Zuma family. All the buildings and every room we use in that residence were built by ourselves as a family and not by government. I have never asked government to build a house for me, and it has not done so. The government has not built a home for me."

He further stated:

"On the basis of a security risk assessment undertaken by a team drawn from the Departments of Defence and Military Veterans, Police and State Security, I was approached to allow security upgrades or enhancement to be made to my Nkandla residence, which was already in existence."

The evidence revealed in today's media reports also calls into question President Zuma's claim in the National Assembly that he has never read a letter addressed to him by the former Minister of Public Works, Gwen Mahlangu-Nkabinde. This letter, dated 20 March 2013, laid out all the details about the upgrade.

We will continue our efforts to secure access to the full Public Works Task Team Report into the Nkandla upgrade. We maintain that this report is the subject of an invalid classification and have submitted a PAIA application to obtain it. We will also consider our legal options should our PAIA appeal be refused.

The magnitude of today's revelations brings the office of the President of the Republic into massive disrepute. Parliament must take urgent action and send the message that corruption at any level will not be tolerated.  

Statement issued by Lindiwe Mazibuko MP, DA Parliamentary Leader, July 5 2013

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