Legacy of white arrogance continues to haunt us - Julius Malema

EFF leader says the economy remains in the hands of our oppressors


Sunday, 26 July 2020

Revolutionary Greetings to The People of South Africa

To our Comrades Across the Continent and in the Diaspora Members of the War Council and the Central Command Team Provincial, Regional and Branch Leaders of the EFF

Fellow Fighters and Fearless Ground Forces of the Revolution

A special greeting to all progressive movements across the continent and the diaspora I greet you all in the spirit of Pan-African unity and in the Spirit of the 26 July Movement

I greet you all in the spirit of Fidel Castro, Che Guevara, Frieda Kahlo and all the leaders of the Cuban Revolution, that inspires us and gives meaning to our revolution

The 26 July is a day where we commemorate the bravery of the few, who stood against imperialism when all the odds were against them

It is a day where we commemorate the determination of gallant Cuban forces, who fought against a repressive regime armed with ideas and an undying love for the masses of their people

The 26 July Movement of Cuba inspires us to remain loyal to the ideas of equal distribution of land, nationalization, mass education and free quality healthcare for all in a socialist society

Fellow Fighters the giant movement of the poor, the downtrodden and rejected masses of our people today celebrates its 7th Anniversary

The movement which stands on the shoulders of Winnie Mandela, Zindzi Mandela, Robert Sobukwe, Julius Nyerere, Robert Mugabe, Peter Mokaba and Nomvo Booi has become an unstoppable force of change in Africa

Comrades the Economic Freedom Fighters stands stronger today than ever before, despite all those who had written us off and said we will not last in the political landscape of South Africa

Born as a response to the inhumane conditions confronting African people, our movement is no longer a baby but a force to be reckoned with that has shape the politics of the country and the continent

There is no one today who can deny, that this young organization represents the future and embodies superior ideas

It is a movement that has inspired our people to have dignity and defend themselves from injustice

Fellow Fighters, today we celebrate an organization that was born off the sweat of the working class. We celebrate an economic emancipation movement whose loyalty is to the most exploited and the most marginalized

We celebrate the growth of a movement of domestic workers, security guards, gardeners, mine workers and street cleaners. A movement of land occupations, student protests and agitation.

We celebrate an organization that exists in the long blood-line of anti-colonialists who fought to defend the land of African people from all those who wished to exploit us

Our movement has survived all the doomsayers.

We have defeated all those who thought we were made on Twitter and newspapers, all of those who did not understand that the EFF is a movement whose roots are in the masses of our people, a movement born out of the angry demands for land and for the wealth of Africa to be in the hands of Africans

Fighters we are here today because we have remained loyal to our principles and have championed the struggles of our people without compromise

We have never compromised on core program of the EFF, the 7-non-negotiable cardinal pillars, and as a protest movement we have demanded that those who have been forgotten be given what they deserve as the rightful heirs of Africa

It is because we have maintained our character as an organization, that today we can say we are 7-years stronger and have without fail been the voice of the voiceless

In the past 7-years, we have followed in the footsteps of King Hintsa, King Shaka, King Moshoeshoe, Queen Nzinga, of King Sekhukhune and are determined to complete the fight of our ancestors to defend our land

We are a movement that has resolved that we must break the hypnotizing of 1994, that has made us accept a fake unity in this country while our economy remains in the hands of our oppressors

Fellow Fighters today we celebrate an organization that carries the struggle for land in its blood, to commemorate 7-years of fearlessness and dedication to the cause for economic freedom

We have been through great challenges and great successes, but we declare without fear or favor that the EFF will make it to a decade of championing the struggles of our people and defending the dignity of a black child

History & Politics and of the EFF

Comrades the Economic Freedom Fighters is a product of history and struggle

Our continent is one that is bruised and scarred by colonial domination, imperial exploitation and the rampant corruption of those we have trusted, to change our lives for the better

We are a product of a history of violent disruption in the life of Africa. In 1652, the first colonialist arrived to decide that they have a right to dominate us in our own land

An arrogant race of people arrived in South Africa and assumed themselves as superior, taking advantage of the kindness of our people and disrupting African life

We trace the problems we face today, of economic dispossession and a minority that undermines black people to those early day, when one race thought of itself as superior because of the color of their skin

Instead of engaging humanely with those they encountered, engaging in fair trade and building good relations with African people. Colonialists resolved that we are less than human because of the color of our skin and the different ways in which we organize our society

It is for this reason why we were enslaved, and our land violently taken from us, by a civilization that thought it could decide who is human and who is not

Today that legacy of arrogance haunts us, in our workplaces, in our streets and in the character of our economy

The descendants of arrogant colonialists claim to have worked hard for a wealth they inherited, which was achieved through theft and conquest

We are told today by racists, that the violent murder of our forefathers, and the theft of our land was necessary to develop us

It is for this reason that we remain a child race, only good to be domestic workers and gardeners of white people, because our history was distorted, and we were made to look like people who could not govern their own affairs

When we say we want our land and economy, the very same colonialist attitude, that says black people are not developed enough is the response to our cries, and we are made to think that it is only white people who are capable enough to run a sophisticated society.

Fellow Fighters as a generation which is inspired by Anton Lembede, Steve Biko, Ongkopotse Tiro and Tsietsi Mashinini, we reject the idea that black people are a child race.

We reject the idea that black people are incapable of determining their own destiny and running their own affairs.

We want our land back, we want our economy back and we want to be allowed to decide the fate of Africa, on our own terms without any imperialist supervision

Fellow Fighters, our gallant movement is born out of a brave declaration, a declaration that Our Decision Is To Fight

We resolved on the 26th of July 2013, that we will fight against the British and Afrikaner Union that defines the economic and political character of this country today

We resolved that we will be a vanguard movement, guided by Marxism, Leninism and Fanon, to achieve economic freedom and restore the humanity of black people

Our commitment remains unshaken, as a political party which is styled as a protest movement we continue to carry the hopes and aspirations of the forgotten masses of our people

We are the spear of hope for all Africans, and our political program is shaped by our 7 non- negotiable cardinal pillars

We reaffirm our commitment to these cardinal pillars as a pragmatic agenda to achieve the material and spiritual liberation of our people, these are:

a. Expropriation of South Africa’s land without compensation for equal redistribution in use.

b. Nationalisation of mines, banks, and other strategic sectors of the economy, without compensation.

c. Building state and government capacity, which will lead to the abolishment of tenders.

d. Free quality education, healthcare, houses, and sanitation.

e. Massive protected industrial development to create millions of sustainable jobs, including the introduction of minimum wages in order to close the wage gap between the rich and the poor, close the apartheid wage gap and promote rapid career paths for Africans in the workplace.

f. Massive development of the African economy and advocating for a move from reconciliation to justice in the entire continent.

g. Open, accountable, corrupt-free government and society without fear of victimisation by state agencies.

It is through these cardinal pillars, that the Economic Freedom Fighters will effect meaningful change in this country and the continent. We will continue to do this by waging struggles in the corridors of parliament, and in the dusty streets of our communities as a movement of the poor and downtrodden

The reality is, the former liberation movement no longer has the imagination or capacity to lead South Africa. It has become a desk of white-monopoly capital, that appoints a different manager every five years, to manage the affairs of the rich at the expense of the poor.

The former liberation movement no longer has any coherent program of action to change the conditions of our people, and have sold their duties of governing this country to the highest bidder.

Year after year, those who are in government today constitute factions, in order to fight for their turn to eat and disregard the lives of our people. There are no longer any politics, it has become about self-enrichment and personal advancement, while our people remain in poverty.

Political power in the control of the post-1994 government is meaningless, as it has not come with economic freedom. The government of the day has not used its political power to win the battles that began during the wars of dispossession and it has shown no intention that it will do so

Instead, the post-1994 government has played an active role in reproducing the inequalities and imbalances of the past by not doing anything to transform the economy and being active participants in maintaining the status quo.

The hospitals of South Africa are in a state of collapse and have been for a very long time. We have seen more so during this COVID-19 crisis, that the former liberation movement has not built hospitals that can cater for the general population

The schools of South Africa still operate on the logic of separate development, with schools in white areas having adequate infrastructure, while children of black people drown in pit toilets

Black people continue to live in Apartheid reserves, in shacks on top of one another, while white people exist in a different country, of privilege and dignity.

There is a general degeneration in South Africa, and the EFF is alive today to correct that historical mistake

Over the past 7-years, it has been the EFF that has bravely called out the mediocrity we have been subjected to

While the ruling party calls on the masses of our people to be loyal to them, because of the struggle against Apartheid, the EFF has been able to reveal a better future and offer sustainable solutions

The Economic Freedom Fighters has represented those who had lost hope, and is today the only reliable alternative to change the lives of our people

Impact of EFF in Past 7-Years

Fellow Fighters, our history is that of aggressive war against capital and corruption.

We launched an aggressive campaign with a March for Economic Freedom in 2015. This saw us confronting the South African Reserve Bank, Chamber of Mines and the Johannesburg Stock Exchange combined, sending a shock to the very foundations of white monopoly capital.

The EFF has been at the forefront of struggles to defend the rights and dignity of women and the LGBTQI+ community, drafting legislation and demand substantive transformation in the judiciary to address Gender-Based Violence.

It is the women of the EFF, who year in and year out march in their thousands in Johannesburg to the Constitutional Court, demanding that there be a review of how the courts and police stations handle cases related to Gender-based violence in South Africa.

In Kwazulu-Natal, a province with one of the highest political assassination rates in the world, it is the EFF that has led numerous mass-based protests against political killings.

It is us fighters, who have attended every court case of every racist that has either put our people in coffins, has shot our children in farms, or harmed our children in toilets.

Even when we have been called hooligans and painted with a dirty brush by the media and racist-apologists, the EFF stood alone to say that a murderer like De Klerk cannot be guest in a democratic Parliament.

It is the EFF, that defended the dignity of the Cradock Four and the people of Boipatong, when we were arrogantly told that a President of Apartheid must be honored by a democratic society.

Today many join the EFF in condemning De Klerk, and history absolves us while we are still alive

Our fight against racism has been consistent, both structurally and against any individual acts that rear their ugly head

It was the EFF that exposed the billions lost by South Africa due to profit shifting, base erosion and tax avoidance by white-corporate South Africa.

It is through the work of our organization, that the expensive Independent Power Producers were revealed as a money-making scheme of capitalists, at the expense of the state and tax payers.

Today, it is the EFF that continues to expose the hypocrisy of the “New Dawn” agenda, which continues to hire underqualified whites in strategic positions in SOE’s, who are corrupt and undermine black professionals

The supposed “New Dawn”, led by Jamnadas today claims that not all corruption is criminal, because their agents are the ones hiring family members and awarding corrupt tenders to their companies while they preside over the SOE’s of the country

There is no difference between the current regime, which is in bed with the Menells, the Ruperts and the Oppenheimers, and the previous regime which was in bed with the Guptas.

They are all selling our country to the highest bidder. Zuma was selling the country for a plate of curry, and Ramaphosa is selling the country for a glass of wine from the Rupert family

Fellow Fighters, It was the students of the EFF who in institutions of higher learning across the country championed the struggle for free education which the former liberation movement had long abandoned.

It was the students of the EFF who in various institutions of higher learning achieved victories trade unions had failed to achieve, and ensured the insourcing of workers, a critical pillar of abolishing the tender system as enshrined in the cardinal pillars of the EFF.

Although we have not been given the opportunity to govern, we have used our leverage in various municipalities and even in parliament to pass legislation that will drastically change the lives of our people.

In Tshwane, Johannesburg and Port Elizabeth we have successfully lobbied councils to insource security and cleaning staff, resulting in material benefits such as increased wages, medical provision and improved working conditions for our people.

Our impact on the politics of South Africa has been guided by the ideals in our Founding Manifesto and as we turn 7-year old, we must never forget our founding principles

A fighter must always read the EFF Founding Manifesto, so as to never forget the struggle you have joined.

No Fighter can ever be confused by Stratcom or doubt his or her generational mission, as long as you make the EFF Founding Manifesto your daily bread

This has been the impact of our glorious movement in a very short space of time.

Those who say they do not know what the EFF has done in South African society are bitter liars.

Those who lead narrow and xenophobic hashtags, who think the revolution will be led with their fingers and by dividing Africans know nothing about revolution

They will never achieve half of what the EFF has achieved, even if they can tweet until their fingers go numb

The EFF is not a populist movement. We are not a movement that looks for easy solutions, and creates convenient enemies.

We are a movement that has identified the enemy of the poor and dejected masses, and that enemy can never be a fellow poor African brother or sister

We continue to fight bitterly against the capture of our state institutions, especially by white monopoly capital, which has captured the State President and is deliberately sabotaging our economy so that it can take what is left of our sovereignty.

It is in our history to fight against injustice, corruption and capture of our country. It is in our history to fight for those who cannot fight for themselves.

In just 7 years of existence, we have achieved more victories for the working class and for the people of South Africa, more than any other political party.

This is what separates us from opportunists and ghosts that seek to take advantage of the desperation of our people. The EFF’s achievements are part of the record of history;

· The EFF’s motion on the amendment of Section 25 of the Constitution was adopted on the 27th of February 2019 and started a process which included a wide- ranging constitutional review committee, consultations and tabling of a report that agreed that there should be amendment of Section 25 of the Constitution to permit for expropriation without compensation.

- The EFF’s motion of no confidence against the former president formed the basis of all deliberations and discussions that culminated in him resigning as president of the Republic of South Africa, bringing to an end the rule by a criminal syndicate that had gained control of key state institutions.

- The EFF has made politics popular, in particular parliament, and more people now watch parliament channel than ever before.

- The EFF got the former President to pay back the money spent on non-security related upgrades at his homestead.

- The EFF championed parliamentary debates in solidarity with Fees Must Fall activists and called for the release of all those who were arrested and suspended from institutions of higher learning. The EFF supported those who were involved in court cases, those who were awaiting trial in prison and those who continue to be sentenced.

- The EFF protected and continues to protect the independence of the office of the Public Protector, which today is subjected to underfunding and negative media campaigns by the establishment

- The EFF introduced secret ballot in parliament, as a method of holding the sitting president accountable.

- The EFF used its Parliamentary participation to table the following laws and/or initiated a process to draft the following bills, which will change the economic architecture of South Africa to benefit ordinary South Africans:

- The National Health Amendment Bill, which will ensure that all clinics in South Africa are open 24 hours;

- The Insourcing of all Government and State Entities Bill, which will result in the insourcing of all workers who provide constant services to government and state companies;

- The illegalization of Alcohol Advertisement Bill, which will end the celebration and promotion of alcohol consumption in South Africa;

- The nationalisation of the South African Reserve Bank Bill, which will discontinue private ownership of the central bank.

- The EFF made substantial policy submissions on Base Erosion, Tax Avoidance and Profit Shifting, and Transformation of the Financial Services Sector.

- The EFF in Johannesburg tabled a motion that got more than 7000 workers insourced as full-time employees, and all of them had their salaries increased from R2500 to above R7000 per month with full employee benefits.

- The EFF Students Command working with the EFF got more than 100 000 students registered in many universities through the Walk Ins campaign and the Sizofunda Ngenkani programme we undertook in 2018 and continues on a yearly basis

- The EFF Caucus in the Free State Provincial Legislature exposed Estina-Vrede Dairy Farm corruption and maladministration.

- The EFF Caucus tabled a motion of "land expropriation without compensation" which was adopted and has led to the "Farmland release program" of the Ekhuruleni metro – a program, that gives farmers the opportunity to lease land owned by the state, for farming purposes.

- EFF Caucus in the Provincial Legislature tabled a motion to ban labor brokers and it was adopted by the House.

- Most importantly, we have been able to build a National Organization, represented by the fact that we exist in more than 90% of Wards in South Africa and have councilors in 84% of municipalities, in all provinces, and are the official opposition in three provinces. The EFF is the only major political organization that grew significantly between 2014 and 2019.

All of this was achieved in the space of 7-years, with branches and members of the EFF assisting in the day to day struggles of our people. The impact of the EFF goes beyond ny public record

We are a generation that has shaken the table and demanded that there be equality no matter what the cost. We have said enough with feeding our people crumbs, our people deserve dignity, our people deserve to be in control of the wealth of the land of their forefathers and mothers.

Qualitative and Quantitative Growth of The EFF

Fellow Fighters the growth of the EFF has come at the level of quality and quantity

From that fateful day in Uncle Tom’s Hall in Soweto, where delegates from across the country heeded the call to build a vehicle for economic emancipation, the character of politics in South Africa changed for the better

The EFF has been able to introduce a character of agitation and thinking in South African politics

We arrived in an arena where the political leadership was content with an unquestioning population

We arrived in a parliament of sleepists, who were sitting on their brains and unable to think about the future of this country and this continent

We have brought qualitative thinking around the problems facing our economy and our society, not only in South Africa, but in the continent

Our growth internally has been qualitative, and we have introduced developmental thinking in a country that was drowning in failing neo-liberal policy.

On the Economy, we are the ones that said there must be;

i. An introduction of legislation that compels all asset managers to place a minimum of 30% of their investments in the productive economy and not speculative markets.

ii. There must be an enforcement of the domestic beneficiation, of a minimum of 50% of natural resources extracted in South Africa.

iii. A new railway system must be built to support industrialization.

iv. A pursuit of regional and continental economic integration in a manner that will qualitatively and quantitatively expand economic activities and intra-trade in South Africa, the SADC region and the African continent.

v. There must be a supporting of industrial activities, particularly manufacturing activities, in areas that currently do not have significant industrial and manufacturing capacity and activities, in order to curb the mass-migration into Johannesburg and Cape Town

On Jobs, it was the EFF that said there must be;

vi. Creation of jobs through industrialization, diversification and the production of basic goods locally such as glasses, washing products, electronics, furniture and geysers

vii. A creation of jobs across the entire South African food chain by building sustainable food processing zones, that will supply food items to other parts of the world, particularly the rest of Africa, China, Latin America and India.

viii. A declaration of various special economic zones all over South Africa, and a provision for investors of tax incentives and factory building allowances, on the condition of the employment of a minimum of 2000 people in a sustainable manner

ix. Passing of legislation that will ensure that all government departments and all public institutions spend 50% of their procurement budget on Youth-owned businesses

x. Ensure that a minimum of 40% of budget allocation to government departments in all spheres of government is specifically set aside for youth empowerment and upliftment.

On Education, we are the ones that said there must be;

xi. An introduction of free decolonized education, advancing topics that pertain to indigenous knowledge, sovereignty and economic freedom in the curricula

xii. An increase in the use of information and communications technology in teaching, to improve computer literacy

xiii. Massive infrastructure development of schools, through the establishment of computer labs, provision of clean water and abolish completely the system of pit toilets in schools

xiv. Establishing of a central register and verification system that will link information between institutions of higher learning, Home Affairs, the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) and all relevant social development departments, in order to protect the dignity of students from performing their poverty to receive assistance

xv. Establishing of satellite campuses in strategic economic zones to ensure localized development and curb migration to of skilled young people to metropolitans such as Johannesburg and Cape Town

On Healthcare, it was the EFF that said there must be;

xvi. A modelling of our healthcare system towards the Cuban model, with a prioritization of primary healthcare, under the pillars of prevention, promotion and education on health care.

xvii. 24-hour integrated post- sexual trauma centres in all district hospitals for urgent medical, forensic, psychological and social assistance,

xviii. An investment in ambulance production plants in South Africa to provide ambulances to all hospitals

xix. The building of state-owned health mechanical service workshops, with technicians, which will prioritise all machines and equipment in district hospitals

xx. The building of a state-owned pharmaceutical company to ensure that we are not at the mercy of global capital to combat infectious diseases and deadly viruses

On Energy, it was our gallant movement that said;

xxi. All the unproductive and exploitative contracts with independent power producers must be cancelled

xxii. The private ownership of Sasol and Mittal Steel must be discontinued, and they must be provided with concrete developmental mandates to contribute to the rapid sustainable industrial development of South Africa.

xxiii. To avoid the current situation of undermining of professionals and mismanagement seen under Jamnadas, Eskom should not have a single ministry as a shareholder representative. The shareholder should be represented by the ministries of minerals, energy and finance. Where possible, the PIC loan to Eskom should be converted into equity and the PIC should have direct shares and a say in the running of the company.

xxiv. To avoid the current corruption and compromising of the finances of Eskom, seen as result of the corruption of Eskom COO Jan Oberholzer, Government should assemble a highly skilled panel of engineers from all over the world, to investigate the delays in the completion of the two major power stations, Medupi and Kusile.

xxv. Research must be conducted on how energy derived from uranium can be safely transferred into sustainable, environmentally friendly electricity for industrial development, public purposes and use by households

On Arts and Culture, we are the ones who proposed;

xxvi. The removal of all apartheid statues and taking them to a dedicated apartheid museum, as a reminder to future generations under the theme: ‘NEVER AGAIN’.

xxvii. The building of studios in every municipality for artists to record and produce their work locally.

xxviii. Establishing a statutory body which will regulate and professionalise the arts and

culture industry.

xxix. Establishing a state non-profit music distribution and production company, which local artists can use to produce and distribute their music, and which will also provide legal services to artists, so that they can reclaim ownership of their material from record companies.

xxx. Establishing a directorate within the Department of Arts and Culture, and employ creative industry practitioners, to offer practitioners in the creative industry assistance with contract management, and assistance with applications for grants, tax incentives and infrastructure subsidies.

These are just a few of the refreshing ideas the Economic Freedom Fighters has introduced, which are superior to any political party in South Africa and define us outside of the lazy and unimaginative political culture, that has been normalized by the former liberation movement

At the level of quantity, the membership and representation of the EFF in governance has grown

In parliament, we have a battalion of 54 capable Commissars and Fighters, from various backgrounds, with a mixture of youth, experience and expertise

In local government, we have over 800 councilors across South Africa, who participate in drafting legislation and opposing corruption at a grassroots level.

The presence of the EFF is felt and it is not a presence of empty shells, but well capacitated soldiers, armed with revolutionary theory and love for African people

2nd National People’s Assembly

Fellow Fighters, on the 13th to the 16th of December 2019, our economic emancipation movement went through a process of reflection and renewal

The 2nd National People’s Assembly, under the theme Consolidating the Ground Towards Socialist Power, was an occasion on which we reflected on the road we have travelled thus far and on the fulfilment of the resolutions of the 1stNational People’s Assembly in Mangaung, 2014

Members and delegates from branches of the EFF spoke openly on the successes and failures of the movement and discussed matters relating to policy, and how to shape our revolution going forward for the next five years.

Along with this, a new leadership was elected, to carry the resolutions of the conference forward and lead this gallant movement into greater heights

Many who thought that the EFF would not make it back from Nasrec have since had their hopes dwindle into nothing

Many of those who thought the EFF would die a painful death at Nasrec have had to watch this glorious movement grow from strength to strength and continue to be the voice of the voiceless

The EFF hosted one of the most peaceful national conferences in the history of South Africa, where members contested each other freely with no intimidation and no violence

All positions were open for contestation, under the guidance of an independent electoral body, and delegates practiced the rights given to them by the constitution and elected a new Central Command Team to lead the struggle for economic freedom

All the lies about the EFF being a dictatorship, were exposed to be nothing but the imagination of self-hating individuals who cannot accept the fact that the EFF is an alternative that is here to stay

The EFF displayed the ultimate practice of democracy, in a conference that was not tainted with money and buying of positions

No secret bank accounts were opened in the name of contesting a leadership position in the 2nd National People’s Assembly of the EFF

There were no donations from the business community or white-monopoly capital, that dictated the policies of the EFF or dictated who would lead this economic emancipation movement

The EFF and its leadership is not bought or sponsored, and the 2nd National People’s Assembly is a perfect example of how our organization is the only independent organization in this country, and we owe our loyalty only to the poor masses of our people

There is a huge responsibility on the shoulders of those who were elected in the 2nd National People’s Assembly of the EFF, in December 2019

The mixture of experience, commitment, youth and gender must provide a coherent line of march for the people of South Africa and always speak truth to power even when it is not fashionable

The next five years requires a leadership that is not scared. The Central Command Team of the EFF must be at the forefront of every struggle facing our people and be willing to die to change the lives of the dispossessed and exploited masses of our continent

There is no longer room for mistakes or laziness. There is no longer room for mediocrity and cowardice. The 2nd National People’s Assembly resolved that this would be The Year of Action Against The Racist Financial Sector, and no COVID-19 can stop us from waging this battle

There is no factional media, there is no manufactured attack on the EFF leadership that will stop us from fulfilling the mandate of that assembly. We will defend the resolutions of the 2nd NPA with our lives and will never stop until the wealth of this country is in the hands of its rightful owners

We make this commitment knowing very well that we will face attack and judgement from those who will catch up later with the superior logic of the EFF

We are not strangers to being rejected, we are not strangers to character assassinations from those tasked with undermining our revolution

As long as we are armed with the truth, there is nothing that can stop us from fulfilling our generational mission. There are no lies that can defeat a generational mission

Those who walked out of our National Assembly, the likes of Enca, today cover the events of the EFF on a frequent basis, because even they cannot deny that the EFF is an idea whose time has come

Their fake solidarity with factional media houses has been exposed to be non-existent, and it is clear that it was an instruction from the Ruperts that led to Enca walking out of the assembly of the EFF, not principle

Fellow Fighters, the success of the 2nd National People’s Assembly is proof that the EFF will be here for many years to come

The resolutions we took at that assembly, are a blue print for a developmental Africa. They are a guideline to build an Africa, that will no longer be a feeding ground for colonialists and their agents who preside over the failing states of our continent

Among these progressive resolutions are;

1. The EFF must build a Pan-Continental Movement, which must be driven by the ultimate objective of uniting the African people in their struggle for emancipation from imperial and neo-colonial control

2. The EFF must launch the Women’s Command before the Third National People’s Assembly.

3. The EFF must build the Winnie Madikizela-Mandela Combined School. The school will accommodate brilliant pupils who come from poor backgrounds and who have lost their parents as a result of HIV/AIDS. The school will have an independent board of trustees and will be equipped with the best teachers and the best sporting equipment. It is a school that will champion new decolonized modes of teaching, learning and centre Africans and African development in its curriculum

4. The CCT and EFF members of parliament must intensify the work geared towards the amendment of section 25 of the Constitution. This amendment must emphasise the abolishment of private ownership of land, and the transfer of the land as a whole to the people, and that the State must hold this land in custody on behalf of the people as a whole.

5. The EFF must object to any amendments to the Constitution that would not result in the fundamental restructuring of the property rights regime in the country. Therefore, the EFF must object to any amendments to the Constitution that would entrench the status quo and produce only superficial changes.

6. The EFF must advocate for the opening of agricultural colleges and the promotion of the study of agriculture, land reform and agrarian studies in our institutions of higher learning.

7. The EFF must initiate legislative amendments, to ensure that traditional leaders do not have the powers to lease or sell land that belongs to the people to private companies, and that land administration powers at local level are democratised, and are affirming of the rights of women to own land.

8. The CCT must establish a Pan-African agricultural development entity, which would strengthen intra-continental trade and Pan-African ownership of the agricultural value chains. This entity must focus on providing appropriate infrastructure to identified projects, provide developmental funding, and guarantee access to markets across the African continent.

9. The EFF must establish alternative broadcast, radio and print media to guard against the negative characterisation of socialist ideals and the left in general.

10. The EFF must advocate for the complete de-commodification of healthcare, and for it to be constitutionally declared an essential human right 

11. The EFF must work with progressive forces to ensure that all SOE’s are repositioned to play a central role in building state capacity

12. We must continue to call for the use of SOEs to drive the industrialization and the development of the economy and use SOEs to ensure the delivery of services to the South African people, advocate for strengthening of current SOEs and establishment of the following new SOEs:

a. A state-owned roads construction company;

b. A state-owned cement company;

c. Various state-owned banks, in particular a retail-owned bank, agricultural- owned bank, housing bank, and social assistance bank;

d. A state-owned pharmaceutical company;

e. A state-owned healthcare equipment company;

f. A state-owned mining company; and

g. A state-owned food stocking company

13. We must launch a campaign for the closure of all private ports of entry to South Africa, particularly the Fireblade Terminal in O.R Tambo International Airport

14. To also launch a public campaign against illicit financial flows targeted at companies involved in illicit financial flows.

15. Equality within the different sporting codes MUST be enforced. Women in sports should be treated equally to their male counterparts. The gap in their salaries should be bridged, and companies who are giving sponsorships to male teams should also be encouraged to give the same sponsorships to female teams.

16. A programme of action must be drawn up and implemented that will dismantle the control and power white administrators and officials still have over South African sport at the amateur and professional level, particularly in rugby and cricket.

17. The EFF will introduce legislation in parliament for the introduction of a special inspectorate in the Department of Labour to monitor, report on and enforce gender parity and equality in the workplace.

18. The leadership that is elected at the 2nd NPA must agitate for the complete unification of the African continent, which would include one currency for all the countries of the continent, one Reserve Bank, which will be empowered to formulate and implement monetary policy, promote financial stability, issue banknotes, and provide banking services to governments.

19. The EFF must agitate for a united African continent, with one federal government, a federal army, and affirm the higher authority of the PAP as the ultimate legislative body for continental matters.

20. The EFF must agitate for the establishment of a permanent African Defence Force

21. This force must be deployed to defend the continent against outside interference from imperial forces; to be deployed to remove undemocratic governments from power on the African continent; and to be deployed to quickly quell unjustified insurrections by terrorist groups and sponsored groups seeking to destabilise the continent.

22. The Economic Freedom Fighters should particularly campaign for the discontinuation of the US military bases in various parts of the African continent.

23. The EFF, in the national and provincial legislatures, and in its political programmes, must fight against any attempts at recolonising Africa through trade deals and bilateral agreements that seek to impose imperial control over South Africa and the continent at large.

These key resolutions constitute the core program of the Economic Freedom Fighter’s over the next five years.

The leadership collective must ensure that it is constantly guided by these resolutions of our highest decision-making body. It is only the pursuit of these ideals, together with our 7 non-negotiable cardinal pillars that will ensure that the EFF continues to live long and remain in the hearts and minds of Africans all over the continent and the world.

On White-Monopoly Capital

Comrades and Compatriots in South Africa today, there is a faction that seeks to suggest that undermining of state-capacity and moving closer towards neo-liberal market policies is what will save our economy and create jobs.

At the center of their ideas, is that we must surrender ourselves to the private sector, by selling our SOE’s, handing over our economy and becoming dependent on people whose sole purpose in life is to make profit

This idea, which is championed by Ramaphosa and the DA must be rejected with the contempt it deserves

It is the definition of pure madness to say that since people are poor under Capitalism, we must practice an intensified version of capitalism and we will see different results.

The question we must ask is where has capitalism been a success? Is it success to maintain the privilege of the few and pretend that everyone is competing equally?

Is it success to exploit the labor of the majority for the benefit of a minority?

Capitalism and neo-liberal policies have failed in South Africa. They have proven to be policies that entrench privilege, and exploit the majority of people. We must begin to explore an economic alternative, and not be hostile to that alternative, by imposing sanctions and conducting military invasions, and then claiming that alternative economic systems are bound to fail.

Nowhere in the world has socialism failed because it is an inferior system, rather there has been imperialist sabotage of socialist economies, because these economies undermine the interests of those who have an uncontrollable appetite to be rich

In spite of this, we have case studies of successful economies and societies, which are socialist in orientation and outlook.

China, Singapore, Cuba are key examples of nations that have built their economies through nationalization and placing State-Owned Entities at the center of their developmental agenda.

Sadly, those leading South Africa today have no vision. They have no capacity to research alternative economic models and they offer no new solutions. They suffer from an inferiority complex and cannot think beyond an economy that benefits the West and is designed in the image of a Europe that under-developed Africa

They rely on the failed economic policies of the 1996 Class Project and the failed GEAR, which grow the economy for the wealthy, while millions remain unemployed and hopeless.

On COVID-19 and Current Conditions

Our call that only scientific and epidemiological sound basis should lead to reopening of the economy has been proven to be correct. Despite our warning, Mr. Ramaphosa fell into the trap of the white capitalist establishment and reopened schools and the economy prematurely.

South Africa’s COVID-19 cases at more than 400 000 are now the 5th highest in the world because of a puppet President who always dances to the tune of the white capitalist establishment. Maybe we were too optimistic to expect Ramaphosa to anything that will save the lives of black people.

We have not forgotten of the workers killed in Marikana due to his call for concomitant actions. We care about the livelihoods of the people and we know that in order to live, a lot of our people must work, but work under the current conditions come with the risk of a very dangerous disease.

The response of the department of health is less than satisfactory and building of temporary hospitals in conference venues is a wise decision. There is massive shortage of quality healthcare facilities in South Africa, so we should build hospitals and a healthcare system that must be with us forever.

Every ward in South Africa should have a healthcare facility, and properly trained healthcare professionals must be deployed to those facilities. During times of war, many countries in the world trained thousands of people as soldiers to form part of the reserve army. We are now in a war situation, let us train the unemployed graduates and other professionals with basic healthcare skills.

Every willing citizen should be equipped with basic knowledge and expertise of primary healthcare so that we do not all depend on the already broken healthcare system for our recovery. We are in a war situation, so we should act as a collective to fight against this disease. In this war, let us also call on our scientists, particularly those advising the department of health to stick to proper professional principles.

In the beginning of the 1st lockdown, which was meant to last for 21 days, the scientists said we should retain strict lockdown regulations if there are more than 100 infections per day. Currently South Africa has an average of 13 000 infections per day and the same scientists are advising government to open schools and loosen the strict lockdown regulations.

The question we should ask is whose agenda are these scientists serving because science must not change due to political convenience. We do not want scientists who sacrifice scientific principles on the altar of political convenience. Scientists have an obligation, like STATS SA, to at all times tell the truth and nothing but the truth.

It is evident however that the scientists advising government are in the pockets of politicians and possibly of the white capitalist establishment because their advices change to suit the agenda of politicians and businesspeople.

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed this mindset, which worships capitalism as inferior and that no society can be sustained by a loyalty to profit over the lives of people

The poverty of leadership in South Africa has been revealed, and we can see that all we are left with are a bunch of criminals who think that a global health pandemic is an opportunity to eat

Corruption under the “New Dawn” of Ramaphosa has become worse, and this time during a time in which humanity is fighting an invisible enemy.

All those who were doing the PR of Ramaphosa have suddenly gone into hiding, while he and his comrades steal money as if there is no tomorrow

It is worse in the Eastern Cape, where R4.8 million is used to conduct door-to-door campaigns, and R10 million is spent on embarrassing scooters that serve no purpose

The lack of industrialization has resulted in a loss of life and high rate of infection, because as a nation, we are unable to produce our own Personal Protective Equipment’s and ventilators

Nurses and Doctors are getting infected, while the State is renting hotel venues and resorts to house COVID-19 patients because they are victims of a tender system and cannot speedily conduct any construction work to build hospitals

The EFF is proven right once again, that we are led by people who do not have foresight and capacity. The only skill they have is that of stealing and subjecting the masses of our people to inhumanity.

Today they have abandoned their responsibility to lead and have told us it is in our hands. The hypocrite Ramaphosa conducts weekly family meetings to reprimand South Africans, yet he fails to take responsibility for his failure and poor decisions

Instead of listening to sound advice and ignoring his funders, he has resorted to preparing graves for the living, because they know there is nothing they can do to save lives.

Ramaphosa has shown that he is hell-bent on being given an exhibition of loss of life and uncontrollable infections before making decisions that will protect the lives of people. It is this type of decision making that has put this country in jeopardy.

When the EFF called for the mandatory quarantining of infected individuals, instead of the careless directive of self-quarantining, Ramaphosa did not listen

In a press briefing by all political party leaders, we told Ramaphosa to act harshly on his public representatives, who have a tendency of corruption in a time of a human crisis. He chose to ignore us. Today, catering tenders are being awarded for virtual meetings in ANC municipalities.

When we warned the private health care sector to either play a progressive role in fighting the Corona virus or face nationalization, Ramaphosa giggled. Today our people are fighting each other for oxygen in public hospitals, and health-care workers dying because of a lack of PPE’s.

When the EFF provided coherent and concrete economic solutions to alleviate the impact of the lockdown on poor South Africans, through the implementation of payment holidays, business relief measures, a radical cutting of the repo rate and provision of an unemployment grant. Ramaphosa did not listen. Instead he chose to advertise loan-schemes of the Ruperts as relief measures for small businesses.

It was the EFF that diagnosed from the onset, that the continued sale of alcohol will overburden health-care infrastructure and divert attention from efforts to help COVID- 19 patients.

Ramaphosa delayed in implementing this guidance. After implementing an alcohol ban, Ramaphosa backtracked on the ban, which resulted in a spike of patients in trauma units across South Africa and an increase of COVID-19 infections.

It was this President, who made homicidal decisions to ease lockdown regulations, reopening mines, businesses, restaurants, casinos and schools.

COVID-19 cases have since increased sharply and deaths have followed. The most painful has been the reopening of schools, which came at the advice of a candidate for a tittle Dr. Death, Professor Salim Abdool Karim. This is a health expert who abandoned his own scientific advice for economic expediency, and supported the program as using children as a “testing of the waters” for the impact of the deadly Corona Virus.

Ramaphosa has consistently ignored calls for science and epidemiological evidence to be at the center of the easing of lockdown regulations and reopening of social and economic activity.

Ramaphosa’s delayed fashion of following correct advice will be his downfall, and sadly innocent lives will be lost in the process.

It is suprising that this Ramaphosa wants to grandstand once a month, with some chicken morality and lecture people on being irresponsible, when he has been at the forefront as an irresponsible leader, whose loyalty is to money and not people.

We want to warn South Africa that the decision to be led by mediocrity will end in tears. Ramaphosa completely abdicated his responsibilities as a leader of society and assumed the position of an absent father, who has chosen his family of the Mennels, Ruperts and Oppenheimers over the lives of the destitute and the poor.

The only measure that makes sense is a return to level-5 of lockdown, while providing the necessary relief to businesses and the poor in order to protect lives from this deadly Corona Virus.

Failure to make this decision will lead to thousands of poor black lives being lost and we will not let Ramaphosa get away with an orchestrated massacre of black people in the same way he did with Marikana

The EFF will continue to make progressive contributions to combatting the spread of Corona virus, at the level of guidance and resource.

To date, the EFF has already donated R12 million to the COVID-19 Solidarity Fund to assist with the purchase of PPE’s and improving health infrastructure.

We want to warn the ruling party that we are monitoring all reports of corruption and should we find that they have stolen money that EFF public representatives have sacrificed to help the poor and sick, there will be hell to pay


In 2021, South Africa is supposed to hold the LOCAL GOVERNMENT ELECTIONS, and it is evident now that there will not be free, fair, transparent and democratic elections in 2021. Political parties, old and new would have by now started with the election programme, but because of CORANA, all political parties are deprived the essential democratic right to canvass for votes.

We therefore call on all political parties to engage in a democratic parliamentary process that should postpone the 2021 local government elections to 2024 and introduce a single elections regime which will mean that there should be only one election in South Africa from 2024 onwards.

The system of elections after every 2 and half years in unnecessary and extremely costly. In this regard, the EFF is in the process of finalising a policy position and will table a private members bill in parliament to postpone the 2021 local government elections and institute a system of one election every 5 years.

On Gender-Based Violence

Fellow Fighters the war against women and children continues even in the midst of a global pandemic

In this country, it has become a pandemic on its own and the women and children live in fear of the men of this country who abuse and murder women and show no mercy to children and the elderly

It is South African men who are abusing the women in this country, yet we find the same men leading the charge of blaming criminality on our African brothers and sisters

Enough is enough, it is time for a decisive response to Gender-Based Violence.

What is more painful, is that the courts of this country have become allies of perpetrators, granting lenient sentences to those who rape and abuse women and children

We have been made aware of a systemic problem of men who are guilty, being given lenient sentences which are against the minimum requirements according to the law and existing precedence

Most notably, we are aware of a Magistrate named Kholeka Bodlani in KwaZulu – Natal, who has a tendency of releasing child abusers, with ridiculous reasons yet she remains on the benches of our judiciary

The EFF has therefore resolved to set up a Gender-Based Violence Desk, which will respond directly to the plague of violence against women, children and the LGBTQI+ community

This desk will be comprised by Commissars from the Central Command Team and relevant professionals in the field of health, legal experts and social workers to be able to intervene on cases of Gender-Based Violence

Furthermore, the desk will have as part of its mandate the identifying of corrupt and incompetent judges, who have a history of handing down irrational and insensitive judgements to perpetrators of Gender-Based Violence and releasing them back into our communities where they inflict more harm

This initiative is part of the many practical responses the EFF has undertaken, namely such as the Labor Desk which is headed by our National Chairperson, to respond to the problems facing our country and the continent.

We cannot wait to be in government to make a meaningful impact in the lives of people, because those who abuse and exploit our people are on the rampage on a daily basis

On Anti-Black Racism and Pan-Africanism

Comrades the EFF has once again been vindicated on its position of the rampant anti- black racism in South Africa and the world

When we warned South Africans of the dangers of false unity which is built through sports, many called us negative and said we were against social cohesion

What those who criticized us did not know, is that by celebrating the fake unity of the rainbow nation through sports, they were making it more difficult for black sports men and women to speak out against the isolation and racism they experience in the sporting industry

By insisting on fake unity and a lie of social cohesion, you have made it difficult for those who are lonely and undermined in the sporting industry to speak out and fight for change in the treatment of black people in sports

When Makhaya Ntini says he felt lonely during his career in South African cricket, he is speaking about the pain of being undermined and isolated in the country of his forefathers

When Makhaya Ntini says he used to jog to the stadium, to avoid being made to feel out of place in the national cricket team, he speaks about the judgement black people get from the white gaze. A white gaze that makes you feel inferior and out of place in the land of your birth

The experience of Makhaya Ntini and Siya Kolisi, who was made to feel stupid and subjected to Afrikaans in the Springbok team, is the ugly reality of white-dominated sports which refuse to transform in this country

It is anti-black racism, which does not care about talent or skill, but uses blacks for success, and celebrates with black players on the field while it isolates black players behind closed doors

We call on all black players within white-dominated sports teams to use this opportunity to speak out and shatter the rainbow nation lie that has trapped them into silence for so long

They no longer need to live in fear or maintain the lies of fake unity. It is only through the truth that there can be meaningful change and racism can be defeated

Fellow Fighters we must mark this 7th Anniversary of the EFF by committing ourselves to the struggle for the emancipation of Africa from the chains of colonialism

We must never get tired of fighting narrow nationalism that seeks to make African people fight each other and makes us ignore the true enemy which controls the wealth of this continent and exploits all African people

It can never be the fault of a poor person that you are poor. It can never be the fault of an exploited African that you are unemployed.

The only way we can change the racist system which treats Africans like servants who must fight over crumbs is if we unite

We must disregard colonial borders that were put in place to divide us. We must unite to build an integrated African economy and achieve the vision of Thomas Sankara, Patrice Lumumba, Julius Nyerere and Kwame Nkrumah of an independent Africa

We must unite to build a continental economic emancipation movement, that will develop the African economy and liberate Africa from the chains of imperialism

COMRADES, in May 2020 we celebrated 57 years since the formation of the Organisation of African Unity. While the OAU is celebrated, we should all admit that the African continent is still not united.Almost all if not all African countries are still economically tied to their former colonisers.

All African countries are still neo-colonial entities with no true independence and sovereignty which they said must be guarded when the OAU was founded. We owe an apology to Kwame Nkrumah, SAKOU TOURE, HEILE SELASIE and all those who said Africa must unite or perish. Our call for the unification of the African continent as demanded by Kwame Nkrumah and all the progressive pan Africanists remains.

We are unapologetic and unwavering in the call for the unification of the African continent because as long as we remain with these unviable small African States, we will continue to be in the state of underdevelopment and poverty. If the African continent does not unite, we will continue under a neo-colonial system where our resources are exploited by the western powers and recently China.

We call on all progressive formation in the continent to unite in a continent-wide economic emancipation movement that upholds the spirit of pan Africanism.

The EFF is willing to support and associate with formations in all parts of the African continent which believe in the following values:

a. COMMITMENT TO PAN AFRICANISM which aims to ultimately integrate the African continent.

b. COMMITMENT TO THE AFRICAN AGENDA defined by the return of the LAND, MINERAL RESOURCES AND ECONOMIC WEALTH to the ownership and control of Africans.

c. COMMITMENT TO HUMAN RIGHTS AND GENDER EQUALITY, including commitment to reject homophobia.

d. NO ASSOCIATION WITH IMPERIALIST FORCES in terms of political programme and funding.




We need to build a pan African movement that must contest and win elections in different parts of the African continent. There is currently not even a single head of state and government in the entire African continent who is committed to the principles of pan Africanism.

The African Union is a useless structure that has no capacity to provide decisive leadership in the African continent. We need to start with the building blocks for pan African unity and this must start with the adoption of a single African currency. We cannot trade amongst each other using the American dollar.

The African continental free trade agreement must be implemented through a common currency, and that free trade agreement must not be abused by western and eastern powers of the world to freely trade in the African continent and later expatriate profits. Africa must build its own industries and trade amongst each other on areas of strategic economic importance and advantage.


COMRADES, we need to guard and protect the EFF against reactionary forces, who now realise the staying power of the organisation and want to destroy its leadership.

In the same way they killed Bambatha, Steve Biko, Patrice Lumumba, Thomas Sankara, Robert Sobukwe and all progressive forces in the world, the establishment will continue to tarnish the EFF and its leaders because we stand for the truth and the emancipation of our people.

The white capitalist establishment has a mind of a rat and opportunistically believe that our call for equality between races and classes is a call for the oppression of white people. We must never retreat even in the face of adversity and hatred.

Let us not be scared to speak the truth even when it is not fashionable to do so.

Let us fight comrades. Fighters must occupy every street. Fighters must but everywhere with the poor masses of our people. You are not a fighter, if you do not live amongst the poor masses of our people.

Let us continue to fight and liberate women of South Africa because there is no total freedom and total liberation without the liberation of our women.

Our women are suffering the most, especially now under these difficult conditions of COVID-19. The people who are at the receiving end of this COVID-19 are our mothers and our sisters. Fighters let us be with them, let us support them, let us protect them, let us join them in the struggle to demand and reclaim their dignity.

We are the EFF of women, of African women, of the rejected women, of the working- class women. We belong to our women. This EFF is nothing without women.

Fighters we come from very far. We are children of Winnie Mandela, we are children of Queen Modjadji. We were born of very strong women, fearless women, boMmangwana o tshwara thipa ka fo bogaleng and therefore we cannot be a generation of cowards. We need to follow in the footsteps of those who came before us.

You must never be shaken. Leaders must always be attacked and our leaders must always be attacked. Our movement will always be attacked. It is how leaders respond to the attacks, which will show the character of leadership. There is no leader who must behave like a coward when under attack.

When you are a leader and you are under attack, that’s where you must show the true fearless character of leadership. Leaders in the EFF are not in competition with each other. There is no leader who is better than the other, we are all equal and are all the same. We are here to serve our people.

For as long as the land remains in the hands of the White minorities, we will never rest. We want the land to be returned in the hands of the rightful owners.

We are here for that. We are not hear to serve our own egos, we are not here to demonstrate that I know better than the other. We are not here to undermine the unity and discipline of our organisation.

It is through unity of leadership, commitment and hard work that our people will be liberated one day.

Let us fight and build a stronger EFF. A stronger organisation that will live forever. From today onwards, we are fighting towards ten years of the EFF. In everything that you do, as a fighter and as a leader of the EFF you must always say you’re doing this towards the decade of the EFF.

They said we will never spend a year. After a year they said we would never go to a conference and elect leadership. After we did that, they said we would never increase our votes. After we did that they said we are going to kill each other at out 2nd People’s Assembly.

Look at us now, we are the only organisation of thinker in South Africa. The rest are amoebas, following each other into darkness. We don’t have time for that, we are leading through Superior Logic.

Fighter, leaders, the people of South Africa, today, we are unable to celebrate the birthday of the EFF because of this COVID-19. We ask that all of you must dress in black and observe a moment of silence in solidarity with those who have passed on.

We must pray for the recovery of those who are sick because South Africa and the continent still needs them.

We take this opportunity to salute a brave stalwart of our struggle against Apartheid, who spoke against corruption in this country when it was not fashionable to do so.

Baba Andrew Mlangeni, Isitwalandwe/Seaparankwe, the last Rivonia Trialist has decided to join his comrades in arms and rest peacefully, after being a loyal servant to the struggle of our people. His passing brings an end to an era of courageous and morally upright freedom fighters, and we feel the pain of losing a father figure in our liberation struggle.

Baba Mlangeni’s death follows the death of his own daughter, our Mother and sister Zindzi Mandela. The most militant and radical daughter of Cde Winnie and Nelson Mandela. She refused the poison of fear the system tried to make her drink. She defied it, joined the picket lines and fought for the freedom of all. We salute them.

Let us listen to Mama Zindzi Mandela and use our voices to fight and stand bravely for change even if it means the ultimate sacrifice. If we must stand alone for the truth then so be it, history will absolve us

Hasta la Victoria Siempre

Happy Birthday EFF, May you live long and achieve Economic Freedom in Our Lifetime


Issued by the EFF, 26 July 2020