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Andrew Donaldson writes on Naspers' decision to close down most of the Afrikaans newspapers
Andew Donaldson writes on the MKP leader's tenuous grasp of the rules
Andrew Donaldson on the constellation of crazies challenging the results, and mobilising against an ANC-DA deal
Andrew Donaldson writes on our President's sorrow over the death of Iran's President Raisi
Andrew Donaldson on Tokyo Sexwale and other veterans' pro-ANC campaigning
Andrew Donaldson writes on Portugal's Carnation Revolution, and its bleak inheritance in Africa
Andrew Donaldson writes on the Premier's efforts to crush unemployment in Gauteng
Andrew Donaldson writes on an uptick of British interest in the South African story
Andrew Donaldson on Nombasa Ntsondwa-Ndhlovu's allegations against Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula
Andrew Donaldson says not all our soldiers are ageing, at least one is getting younger
Andrew Donaldson on the brutal passing of Alexei Navalny, while Fikile Mbalula was clowning around Moscow
Andrew Donaldson on the possibility of Thabo campaigning for the ANC in this election
Andrew Donaldson's modest proposal for settling the dispute between the ANC and Zuma's MK Party
Andrew Donaldson writes on the old struggle warhorse’s delight in what happened on October 7th
Andrew Donaldson on the English and their immigration rules, then and now
Andrew Donaldson on the southern African 'liberation movements' who won't move on
Andrew Donaldson on the ongoing English fury over Bongi Mbonambi's use of the k-word
Andrew Donaldson on an English stew of whingeing and snitching
Andrew Donaldson on Israeli anger over the brutal culmination of the Israeli PM's Hamas policy
Andrew Donaldson writes on the preposterous claims being made in Western obituaries of Sixto Rodriguez
Andrew Donaldson reflects on SA xenophobia, and the immigrants being targeted
Andrew Donaldson writes on the President's startling realisation when it comes to the Western Cape
Andrew Donaldson writes on the human rights records of some of the new entrants to the club
Andrew Donaldson writes on the hierarchy of status at the BRICS summit
Andrew Donaldson on the EFF's Nuremburg style 10th anniversary rally
Andrew Donaldson asks whether the time has not come to critically examine the mania for such Great Liberator idolotary
Andrew Donaldson writes on Cyril Ramaphosa's responding affidavit in the Putin BRICS meeting case
Andrew Donaldson writes on Paul Mashatile and his vicious VIPPs
Andrew Donaldson on the DA’s #VoetsekPretoria plan for the province
Andrew Donaldson says the President could not bring much to the table in Urkaine and Moscow, after his small army got waylaid in "racist" Poland
Andrew Donaldson writes on whether the ANC will be able to sneak the peace-loving Russian president into SA in August
Andrew Donaldson writes on the extraordinary hunting expedition of the UAE's royality
Andrew Donaldson on the blowback against Premier Alan Winde's threat to have the Russian president arrested
Andrew Donaldson says the proponents of 'better leadership' are liable to be perpetually disappointed
Andrew Donaldson on arresting, or not arresting, the peace-loving Russian President during his upcoming visit
Andrew Donaldson writes on the parliamentary arsonists Zandile Christmas Mafe and Marinus van der Lubbe
Andrew Donaldson writes on the military's failing air conditioners, and Operation Mosi II
Andrew Donaldson writes on the ANC's desperate actions as SA loses patience with loadshedding and the ruling party
Andrew Donaldson on the ANC's attempt to identify the culprits for SA's electricity crisis
Andrew Donaldson says if they can come for Carl Niehaus they can come for anybody
Andrew Donaldson on Phala Phala, and our ruling party's governing ideology
Andrew Donaldson on what to do about all those kleptosaurs still roaming free in the world
Andrew Donaldson writes on the frosty reception the President's address received in the UK media
Andrew Donaldson throws his hat into the ring for the right to tell the ex-President's stirring life story
Andrew Donaldson on the state of free speech in the West, and SA, post the Rushdie stabbing
Andrew Donaldson on British reaction to Boris and Carrie Johnson's belated wedding reception
Andrew Donaldson writes on statues to the great and not so good, and Carl Niehaus on a plinth
Andrew Donaldson says that 15 years after we started running out of power the ANC has decided ... to talk about fixing the problem
Andrew Donaldson says the Zondo reports are a damning indictment of the entire leadership of the ruling party
Andrew Donaldson suggests the Fighters' look beyond Marx, Lenin and Fanon for their book club selections