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RW Johnson says our dominant party has not produced a single decent chief executive in almost thirty years
RW Johnson says the idea that SA could be invited to mediate reflects one of Pretoria's abiding fantasies
RW Johnson says the DA would be unlikely to survive a coalition with ANC 'reformists'
RW Johnson on the dearth of credible African candidates for a permanent seat on the security council
Jeremy Gordin asks what unifying call to arms the President can make at a time like this?
RW Johnson writes on what is behind the incredible stories playing out in our press
RW Johnson says LGE 2021 has effectively rendered much of SA ungovernable again
RW Johnson says understanding the widening wealth gap since 1994 requires understanding the ANC's project
RW Johnson writes on the international implications of our over-reliance on coal for power generation
RW Johnson writes on why the Frelimo govt is so resistant to foreign military assistance in Cabo Delgado
RW Johnson says the insatiable demands of local ANC political machines have sucked our towns and cities dry
Mike Berger writes on the DA's difficulty in challenging the ANC, despite far outperforming it in govt
RW Johnson writes on the jihadist threat in Cabo Delgado, and the implications for southern Africa
RW Johnson says it is incontrovertible that Zille's head hunting went awry
RW Johnson writes on Blade Nzimande's challenge to his own govt's policy
RW Johnson says that faced by an existential crisis the ANC has retreated into the realm of fantasy
RW Johnson says at a time of national crisis too many intellectuals are peddling racial diversions
RW Johnson says now that govt has run out of funds SARB and the commercial banks are under pressure
RW Johnson writes on his decision to move back to South Africa from Oxford in 1994
Jeremy Gordin says the lockdown cost 3m people their jobs, and for what?
Jeremy Gordin ruminates on the FNF's strange cancellation of Politicsweb
RW Johnson says none of the party's factions seem to have much grasp on SA's predicament
RW Johnson writes on SA's ballooning state debt, and the options for dealing with it