Karima Brown is not a journalist - EFF

Fighters defend Julius Malema for publishing WhatsApp screenshot on Twitter


Wednesday, 6 March, 2019

The EFF has long held a position that Karima Brown is not a joumalist, but an openly admitted ANC operative. All journalists who hold legitimate positions, and whose integrity has always been consistent with journalistic ethics, should care about what role Karima Brown plays in the media.

Upon accidentally dropping what looks like briefing notes in an EFF Media Statements WhatsApp Group, we have since exposed those notes to the public. As a result, she has argued that those were editorial notes for eNCA joumalists. We know for a fact that Karima Brown holds no editorial positions, not even an assignment editor's position at the eNCA. We urge the eNCA to explain in what capacity, she would be briefing journalists who are going on assignments to cover EFF meetings.

We have mentioned her in name, because we do not want to tarnish all other journalist by making generalizations. Our argument is with her, because we believe she holds no position, anywhere, to be deploying journalists to cover any news.

If Karima Brown is no official editor, and yet the ENCA allows her to hold such power, they must say so. This will make matters easy for us, as we will, from henceforth, deal with her and not the officially designated editors.

Statement issued by the Economic Freedom Fighters, 6 March 2019