DA MP tweets picture likening our voters to dogs - ANC

Zizi Kodwa says opposition a collection of bigoted racists who regard black people as sub-human


The African National Congress has noted the picture posted on the social network, Twitter, by DA MP Michael Waters which likens people who voted for the ANC to dogs. We are neither shocked nor surprised by this behaviour from a member of the DA as the party proves on a regular basis that it is nothing but a collection of bigoted racists who continue to regard black people as sub-human, dogs.

This is but the latest example in a long litany of insults against black people by the DA including the racist Botha calling Comrade Zodwa Magwaza a baboon and Stanford Slabbert who called the people of this country "dumb idiots who wait for handouts" amongst others.

The continuous onslaught by the DA and liberal media on the ANC voters and the ANC itself is indicative of the deepening desperation and building arrogance and intolerance these bodies have. They have failed to convince the electorate of their policies, they have nothing to offer except to continuous insults on the intelligence on people of this country and attacks on their leadership. 

South Africa's democratic order is premised on the ability of South Africans to freely elect leaders of their choice. In the 2014 General Elections, our people exercised this right and reaffirmed their confidence in the ANC as the organisation with the track record, capacity and commitment to move South Africa forward.

Our sympathies lie with the voters who voted for the DA believing its propaganda of seeking to build an inclusive society which is oblivious to race. Clearly such statements were just lies by the DA intended to mislead our people and win the election through deceit. The true racist nature of the DA is being unmasked daily, the DA will never change its true character which is a racist organisation that exists solely to safeguard white interests at all costs.

Statement issued by Zizi Kodwa, ANC national spokesperson, June 3 2014

The picture tweeted and then deleted by Mike Waters MP:

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