Cape Town refusing to invest R100,000 in Atlantis - COSATU WCape

Tony Ehrenreich says companies closing because DA won't assist

COSATU W Cape Press Statement

COSATU in the Western Cape condemns the DA for refusing to invest R100,000.00 to address the economic problems and job creation problems in Atlantis.

Many companies are closing down in Atlantis and workers are losing their jobs because of the refusal of the City of Cape Town and Belinda Walker to contribute to resolving the problems. The Economic Development Ministry and the DTI has been working with Labour and businesses in Atlantis to find solutions with very little cooperation from the City of Cape Town.

The City refuses to give R100,000.00 to assist more 5000 people in Atlantis, but it gives R40 million to 2000 white tourism businesses in the City of Cape Town. This again shows how the DA is more concerned about white rich interest, than the interest of black working families in Atlantis.

COSATU calls for the removal of Belinda Walker, because of the complete inability of what the economy of the City of Cape Town needs.

Statement issued by Tony Ehrenreich, COSATU Western Cape, July 20 2011

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