Govt is juggling with South Africa's future – COPE

Party says decision to absorb fuel price cost is bravado signifying nothing

Government is juggling with South Africa's future

4 September 2018

Congress of the People (COPE) is totally surprised that the government still believes it can continue to juggle the ever increasing number of heavily loaded balls in the air. 

Its latest decision to absorb the cost arising from the under recovery in the current fuel price is full of bravado signifying nothing. 

The facts are that the Rand is slipping under multiple pressures. At present it is trading at R15 to the dollar.

With what is happening in Argentina and Turkey combined with the many policy uncertainties at home, the situation of the Rand is uncertain. 

With the landed cost of fuels rising, the time is close, according to the AA, for the cost of 93 unleaded octane fuel to rise to R16 a litre inland for the first time. 

The upward movement of oil prices internationally leaves South Africa little room for comfort.

Congress of the People (COPE) understands that the chickens are coming home to roost for the ANC government. 

State finances are in a mess after eight years of massive looting of state resources, the shenanigans at SARS and the sheer scale of the size of the South African government. 

The binging by the Departments, Public Works in particular, adds to the predicament of the state.

Where is the government going to get the money from to cover for the shortfall? 

Already, capital expenditure on infrastructure is down. 

Every move that the government is making is leading to a worse and worse economic situation. There is no central authority and no clarity of vision. 

The government is juggling with South Africa’s future. The effort by the government to absorb the shortfall is pulling wool over our eyes. End-

Issued by, Dennis Bloem, National Spokesperson, COPE, 4 September 2018