YCL wants Mayor Makgosi sacked over open toilets

League says municipality spat in face of ANC's vision of a better life for all


10 May 2011

The Young Communist League of South Africa [Ufasimba] has learnt with astonishment and anger that while we were busy condemning the racist behaviour of Democratic Alliance to build open toilets for black communities in Khayelistha, our own ANC led municipality in Moqhaka Municipality has done the same.

For us as the YCL, it matters not who builds such toilets and what justification there is, such acts requires condemnation from human rights activists and organisations throughout the country.

It does not matter whether we are in election mode or not, the fact is we can and should never lie to our people as the municipality has done.

What angers us the most is that the Mayor and the Council knew there was legal action taken by the alliance in the Western Cape, and that there was a Human Rights Commission ruling on the matter, and yet, the mayor and the council sat on their laurels and never acted.

We also find the explanation given by the Mayor Cllr Mantebu Mokgosi: that the Municipality entered into the agreement with the residents that it would provide sanitation and residents would enclose the structures nonsensical, reactionary and not different from that of the DA.

In our view the Mayor had acted against the interest of the people and has humiliated them. She expected the poor community to enclose the toilet, the fact that for the past eight years they had not been able to do so did not matter to her. This is a spat in the face of the ANC's vision of a better life for all.

Her response can only be associated to power drunk politicians, who stay on secluded residents with all needed resources, spend most of their time on air conditioned offices and live luxurious life. As the YCL we call upon the ANC to immediately expel Cllr Mantebu Mokgosi, a liability to the ANC historic mission of transforming our country.

We remain committed in our resolve to ensuring that the ANC overwhelmingly emerge victorious on the 18 of May and call upon all the people of South Africa to vote ANC and also expose those who bury their ugly face under the banner of the ANC while their action are associated with Democratic Alliance.   

Statement issued by Mafika Mndebele, YCLSA national spokesperson, May 10 2011

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