Police should investigate Thandi Modise's cannibal farm - Chris Hattingh

DA NWest leader says NCOP chairperson needs to be held to account for shocking animal cruelty on her property

Police should investigate Modise's animal cruelty

7 July 2014

Thandi Modise, the former Premier of North West and the current Chairperson of the National Council of Provinces, should be investigated by the police for the animal cruelty that took place at her farm Modderfontein outside Potchefstroom. 

The SPCA has discovered scores of dead animals on Modise's farm. The animals died of thirst and hunger - having not been fed for months. Reports indicate that the SPCA discovered 58 dead pigs, and a number of surviving pigs that were forced to cannibalise the carcasses to survive (see eNCA report below).

The SPCA also found a number of dead goats, chickens and geese that died of hunger.

The chaos on the farm has only escalated in the last few days. Since the media started reporting on the issue, farm workers have been attempting to burn the remaining carcasses. Workers yesterday caused a veldfire that damaged surrounding farms when this process was not conducted properly.  

The DA will request a criminal investigation into what occurred at the farm. Ms Modise must be held to account for what happened.

She has clearly violated the Animal Protection Act. She has violated sections 1(b), 1(c) and 1(e) of the Animal Protection Act by not feeding the animals properly and by exposing them to unnecessary suffering.

The Act concludes that, subject to the appropriate police investigation, Ms Modise should be declared unfit to own or be in charge of any animal. She should also repay all expenses incurred by the SPCA in dealing with the situation on her farm. Pending the outcome of an investigation, she could also be sentenced to twelve months in jail, which would disqualify her from her current position as NCOP Chairperson.

The cruelty exhibited on this farm is unacceptable and Ms Modise should account for what happened. I will submit the charges at the local police station today to ensure a full investigation is conducted. 

Statement issued by Chris Hattingh MPL, DA Leader in North West, July 7 2014

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