Shutdown of Transnet operations cannot be understated – Ghaleb Cachalia

DA MP says SOE and Minister must immediately clarify the tenuous situation

Shutdown of Transnet operations cannot be understated

23 July 2021

Industry reports of a complete shutdown of Transnet operations on Thursday were met with an anodyne statement from Transnet.

The media statement announced:

“Transnet is currently experiencing a problem with some of its IT applications”.

“We have had to shut them [the IT applications] down to identify the source of the problem.”

“We have activated our business continuity plans in order to contain any adverse impact on operations,” the letter adds.

“We are working to reduce the downtimes to ensure that the systems are up and running again as soon as possible.”

The implications of this cyber attack on the logistical economic spine of the country cannot be underestimated nor ignored.

In the event of this attack being part of a sabotage plot by ANC factions within key SOEs, the implications are further compounded to levels affecting the very security of the state and its key economic operations.

Attempts by the DA to ascertain further information from Transnet’s Media Desk were met with a simple reiteration of the statement issued.

I was referred to the Group CEO, Patricia Derby, but on requesting her mobile number was again referred to her PA, whose number remains unanswered.

Transnet and Minister Pravin Gordhan must immediately clarify the tenuous situation at Transnet. The economic fate of key logistics in the country are at stake here and the nation needs to be taken into confidence instead of the continued application old policies of command and control.

Issued by Ghaleb Cachalia, DA Shadow Minister of Public Enterprises, 23 July 2021