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John Steenhuisen writes plese join us in rescuing South Africa from cadre deployment and loadshedding by registering and voting DA
John Steenhuisen says he is filled with hope for SA next year, but coalition govt must be anchored by a strong DA
John Steenhuisen says most powerful action of all is to replace the ANC next year with a caring, capable govt
John Steenhuisen says the people of SA deserve to see how the ANC has corrupted appointment processes
John Steenhuisen says Multi-Party Charter for South Africa is off the ground, but only voters can take it to the moon
Andrew Donaldson on the DA’s #VoetsekPretoria plan for the province
John Steenhuisen says this week has provided a number of stark reminders of where ANC's priorities lie
John Steenhuisen says problem with centralized power is that it has put all our eggs in one rotten ANC basket
John Steenhuisen says Godongwana may argue he can't afford measures, but cost of ignoring hunger crisis will be much higher
John Steenhuisen says his party enrolls twenty or so of SA’s best and brightest with their Young Leaders Programme
John Steenhuisen says Ramaphosa's crisis plan vindicates each one of the DA’s four core principles for organizing society
John Steenhuisen says Ramaphosa is front, lending a sense of decency to a wholly self-serving, and corrupt governing party
Andrew Donaldson on the blowback in the UK against NGO's declaration that the Jewish state is criminal
John Steenhuisen says the rules by which our economy is forced to operate code failure into our economic system
John Steenhuisen on why the ANC is not being forced to go into coalition with the EFF
John Steenhuisen says that according to CoGTA’s 2021 report only 16 out of 257 municipalities are functional
Sebastian Chatov writes on the billionaire entrepreneur's naming and shaming of the ANC leadership
John Steenhuisen says only the DA-run WCape is working to build a better future for the youth
John Steenhuisen says no business will risk investing in a municipality that can’t guarantee delivery of basic services
John Steenhuisen on the SA success story that the media seems strangely reluctant to tell