Podcast: What will political parties do about new voting rules?

Benji Shulman talks to Rob Hutchinson about how parliament will handle the issue of independent candidates on the ballot

What Will Political Parties do About New Voting Rules?

4 September 2020

Earlier during the year, The New Nation Movement challenged the Electoral Act in the constitutional court, which states that every adult citizen has the right to stand for public office and if elected to hold office.

Although this act meant that members of the public could independently run for the local elections and become ward councillors or regional councillors, it did not apply at national level.

Therefore new legislation which proposed that a member of the public can run for elections at both the local level and national level. This is a threat to political parties as they are currently the only vehicle in which to run for parliament.

Rob Hutchinson says that law makers will now have to contend with passing a piece of legislation bill that is against their interests. By commenting on of new legislation the public get the opportunity to make sure that it fits the needs of voters not of political parties.

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